The beauty of fashion photography….

To me fashion photography is the best way that I can combine what I love about film, design and fashion into a single image or a series of images that tell a story. I get the chance to work with amazing and talented people who love what they do, and let’s face it, I love to play dress up! It’s simply breath taking when you seen the models transforming themselves into the characters for the shoot!

I remember one of my photoshoots, “Royal Tribe” where the concept evolved around the Native American culture, just before I began shooting, I saw both my models stand in front of me and I just stood there in awe! Everything was so beautiful! The lighting, the models, the makeup, the awesome hair styling, the wardrobe, absolutely everything was just like I wanted it to be and even better! But I couldn’t have done it without my team of assistants, make up and hair, and styling! They were all amazing!

Here’s a look at a few images from that shoot:

Photo Credits:

"Royal Tribe" 
© 2012 Yesenia Bocanegra (Photographer) 
Models: Aundria Sophia Jolivette, Shane Swenson @ Look Model Agency
MUA: Kristine Rose 
Hair: Brenda Burns 
Styling: Vrinda Lekhi 
Photo Assistant: Manuel Carmona