The Assistant

Some of you may already know this, but for those of you who don’t, when it comes to fashion photography, there’s no such thing as “I’ll do it alone”. Even for the most simplest shoots, you will find your self in need of an assistant. 

As you start out building your portfolio and your name as a photographer, you start asking some of your friends or family, or in my case my boyfriend who is my default assistant whenever we’re in the same city, to help you out on your shoots. Let it be to just carry your gear, or to hold up a reflector, or to move around lights. Every single little detail that your assistant can help you with, will mean much time for you to focus on the thing that matters most: the SHOT!

Today I had so much fun helping my friend on her editorial shoot, and I really appreciate the opportunity because even if you’re assisting others, there are always details that you may learn from, and that you would put in your bag of tricks for your next shoot.

So in conclusion, if you have a friend in need, lend him/her a helping hand, because you never know when you might night an extra pair of hands yourself.

Remember this industry requires that we work as a team, so cherish that and learn from the experience. It can be very rewarding and fun at the same time!.

Yesenia BocanegraComment