Taking the leap of faith: When I decided to move to San Francisco

A year ago I packed my overweight luggage, a backpack and a huge bag filled with hopes and dreams, and took a plane; my destination: San Francisco,CA. It had been a year before when I visited the City by the Bay for about 3 days and fell completely in love with it at first sight! I decided to move to San Francisco to continue my MFA in Photography degree on campus in-lieu of online as I was doing previously doing since January of 2010. Even when I began looking for a Masters Program for the first time (I’m currently getting a second Master’s Degree), San Francisco had popped up but I really never pictured my self relocating there. Four years later, I decided to take the leap of faith, and risk what I didn’t have to gain everything I could. I resigned from my job which I really enjoyed, and went back to the “art student life” but this time in beautiful San Francisco, so just imagine… For many reasons, San Francisco immediately became home. Except for being ridiculously expensive, I love everything in it. In only a year I have learned sooooo much about soooo many things, and not just photography, I also learned about myself. I’ve been happy, sad, scared and confused. I’ve laughed, and I’ve cried. It has not been easy but to those of you thinking of taking a leap of faith in your life, sometimes your just can’t over think things because in the end you’ll just stay right where you are. I always thought that if I wouldn’t make it, at least I’ll know that I tried.

It hasn’t been easy, much less having all your friends, family and that special someone miles away, literally on the other side of the continent but it is precisely the love, the support and the presence of all of them in my life that have helped me throughout this year. To all of you, my parents, my friends, to my love, I´m entirely grateful for all your support for I would have never done it without you! Another semester is approaching and I´ll soon be back home in San Francisco.

One more semester full of challenges and adventures coming right up! So in conclusion, simply follow your dreams and go for it!

Yesenia BocanegraComment