Summer Lovin' with Fashion

Hi again!

I finished my Spring Semester by mid May and went back to Puerto Rico for my summer “vacations” and as you can imagine I went on a did a few photoshoots, in part because I was still taking classes but online through these past 2 months. One of the courses that I was taking was “Introduction to Styling”. Being a fashion photographer, this class has helped me enormously! For those of you who are starting out in fashion photographer, you will soon learn how important “styling” is to a successful photoshoot.

Besides learning the basics of steaming, pressing, and pining (believe it or not this is key to a successful styling) we also learned how to communicate a message through the selection of the wardrobe and props that are used in a shoot. With this class I quickly learned this is something that I really like and that having this knowledge will help me through out the brainstorming process of each of my photoshoots. It also helps me have a more critical eye towards my work.

So I continued to work on my thesis project which, evolves around the idea of creating visual allegories that demonstrate how fashion is part of our identities and how sometimes fashion get under your sking. I´m including a few of the images that I made for your viewing pleasure.

I wanted to say that I am very, very happy with the outcome of this photoshoot because I had an amazing team of assistants, hair and make up artists, a great model, and lots of support from the people that matter most in my life and made this shoot possible! So to all of you, thank you from the bottom of my heart! :-D


©2012 Yesenia Bocanegra (Photographer)

Model: Xioana Berrios Torres

MUA/Stylist: Charmed Eyes Greis

Styling: Yesenia Bocanegra 

Photo Assistant: Carlos Javier Quiles Torres

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