About two weeks ago, I posted a photo on my blog that spoke about how photographs are to keep memories alive. Today, as I forever will, I remember moments with my family that were and will be very special to me. As I decided to move to another city far away from my home country, I knew that that summer, the summer of 2011, was going to be the last summer my whole family will be together since both me and my sister decided to leave our country in search for a better future. We both spread our wings, and we each went our own way. A Little more than a year later, I´ve seen my family every so often but still we all remain separated either by land or by sea, however we are all united at heart.

Today I received the news that a very special person passed away. This person is my grandmother. She was 89 years old, and she had Alzheimers. I mourn her absence because she was very dear to me, to us. She has been in my life since the day I was born. I grew up in the same house as she lived, I played and I laughed with her, and I remember all the things that made her who she was. A very strong woman, with courage, and full of love. It has not been easy on our family seeing how this decease consumes the memories of my grandmother, and how the people surrounding her experience this slow loss. Yes I am sad, and I will miss her dearly. But, I am happy knowing that she is better where she is now.

If you have your grandmother or your grandfather or simply people that you love, cherish them everyday, treat them with respect, and value each lesson they give you, for it will help you along the way. And simply enjoy life as a blessing and not as a deed.

Yesenia BocanegraComment