First Look: What is it and should you have one?

Hello lovely readers!

If you recently got engaged and have started to plan your big day, you may have come across the term “first look”. A first look is exactly that; the first look you have of your future spouse right before the start of the ceremony.

I’ve been asked many times by brides whether or not they should have a first look so I wanted to share my thoughts on it.

A first look is a modern approach to wedding day photos as typically it was said that seeing the bride before the ceremony was bad luck. If you are unsure about it; here are some pros and cons about having a First Look.

  • More photos and less distractions

  • The hours prior to the ceremony can be hectic and in some occasions even a little stressful. Having a first look will give you a few minutes alone with your future spouse without the distraction of other guests wanting to take photos of you with their phones.

  • It can help ease some anxiety and make both of you feel more comfortable going into the ceremony.

  • It’s just you and your future spouse.

  • More time to enjoy the cocktail hour.

A different kind of first look

As an alternative, you can also have a first look with a family member as well. Last year I photographed a wedding where the First Look was with the father and the brother.

You can also try the “Faux First Look”. For these photos, you’ll want to have a location where you can have your photographer take photos of you and your fiancé(e) while still not actually seeing each other. This makes for cute and creative photos and leaves the actual first look for the ceremony.

Having a first look can makes for some really beautiful and authentic expressions. Just take a look a this First Look from one of my fall weddings in Durham, NC.

I would love to know your thoughts! Did you do a first look on your wedding day? Are you planning on having one?