One-on-One Photography Mentoring Sessions

One-on-One Photography Mentoring


It's back to school season and everyone is getting ready for the Fall Semester. Although many of you don't have to "go to school" you might still be wanting to learn a thing or two. For those of you who have been wanting to get better at taking photos, whether it is your first time using a D-SLR camera or if you’ve already purchased your camera, have taken some photos but would like to get better at the craft, I’ve created a workshop just for you.

My One-on-One Photography Mentoring Sessions is a 90 minute individualized session is designed to fit your photography educational needs. During this time we go over camera basics, retouching using Adobe Photoshop, workflow with Lightroom, basics of Lighting for Photography as well as business and marketing. Just let me know what you want to learn and we will come up with a lesson plan!

These mentoring sessions can be done in person around the Raleigh-Durham, Chapel Hill area AND/OR via Google Hangouts! 

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The Fundamentals of Photography Workshop is exactly how it is described on the website and more. The ease with Yesenia draws one’s attention into the complex world of DSLR camera and photography is remarkable.
I started taking the FPW with very little comprehension of camera technique. I knew I needed to understand, in depth, the workings of camera as well as photographic techniques
not only to improve the quality of the images I shoot, but also to increase my confidence level.
Yesenia, with her impressive credentials and portfolio, is ever so patient with her students. Her clarity of explanation, hands-on coaching combined with kindness is hard to beat.
I have also attended her location workshop – which was fantastic with real life model and all the equipment paraphernalia. I felt like I was working on a real fashion-
From the time I started doing her workshops in April, 2015 and now eight months later, my knowledge base and quality of images I shoot, have changed radically – for the better, of
— Sudeshna B.