A Family Portrait Session Under the Texan Sun

Lifestyle Family Portraits by Yesenia Bocanegra

I recently went to North Texas to visit my family. Although many of my cousins live in Puerto Rico, I also have younger cousins who also live in the Lone Star State. For quite some time, I've been wanting to photograph my cousins who are just so adorable and cute but due to scheduling conflicts hadn't got the chance to do so. This time, we went ahead and scheduled a shoot at the "coolest" time of a late Summer day in Texas; this is around 1:00pm and 3:00pm. It was a rather hot but certainly beautiful Summer afternoon. To our luck, we were able to find some open shade areas to keep everyone from melting and took some fun photos of the whole family and a couple more of my two cousins and my nephew who is always helping me do "homework" assignments. 

Children's Lifestyle Portraits by Yesenia Bocanegra

I really love the casual and natural look of this family portrait and the rather adorable and cute expressions of them just laughing and lying on the ground. It really makes my job easier when all I need to do is tickle them, make weird and silly sounds, run around or even do a set of standing yoga poses, all to get the shot.