Simple Two Light Setup for a Tween and Teen Model Test Shoot -Durham, NC

Hi Everyone!

For this post, I wanted to share some images of a recent test shoot I did with one teen and a "tween". If you haven't heard the term "tween", it pretty much refers to a child that is neither a young kid nor a teenager as is around the ages of 10 and 12. Voilà!

As a fashion photographer, I mostly get to photograph young adults in their early or mid 20s and as you may see with my work, they're mostly women. However, and for about a couple of years now, I've been photographing more kids fashion and I will say that I really enjoy it. It's very different directing a teen or tween but to me it's actually easier, mainly because I can be very silly while at the same time, getting great shots with great connection. 

Now, what is a ¨Test Shoot? If you´re getting into the modeling world, you may hear this quite often. A test shoot is a photography session made to improve someone´s portfolio. This can be for a model who is just starting out, or someone who needs to update their portfolio images due to a recent change of look such as cutting their hair or changing their hair color.

These types of photography sessions, can be done either in studio or on location and typical require basic outfits and makeup. The idea is for potential casting directions can see how the person looks in their most naturally looking style. It helps them ¨picture¨ the model (no pun intended) in particular role.  These are quite relax sessions as well. Normally you won't have the pressure of a commercial shoot while working on a model test shoot and you also have some more wiggle room to do more creative shots after you've gotten what the model needed for her book (portfolio).

These images were made at my studio in Durham, NC using two lights: a 37in octabox, a 2'x3' soft box and a large rectangular reflector made out of foamcoar. Below is the diagram of the left image and the camera settings for your reference.

Because my studio space is relatively small and with light colored walls, using just two lights is more than enough for me to be able to create a nice bright white background. It's also my go-to setup for most of my studio shoots.