Fun Lifestyle Senior Portrait Session in Downtown Raleigh, NC

Thankfully Fall is officially in season. Personally, I´ve been counting the days so I can start wearing layers and boots. After having lived in San Francisco (where you will find yourself wearing a light jacket in mid July) I cannot get enough of Fall weather (and Fall fashion) specially here in North Carolina where you can get all four seasons. In honor of the coming season, we went ahead a scheduled a fun Senior Portrait Session in Downtown Raleigh. 

I photographed these lovely senior girls with my Canon 5D Mark II and switched between the Sigma 70-200 2.8, the Canon 24-70 L 2.8 and my favorite, the Canon 85mm 1.8. For light, I used one Canon 580 EXII Speedlite accompanied by the super awesome speedlite modifier, the Rogue Flashbender2 XL, I also used my Pocket Wizards for when using of-camera flash and my new favorite accessory, the SpiderPro Camera Holster

This fun portrait session, was shot between 9am and 11am on a Saturday. We picked this time as to not have that many people around and to get the most of the available light. We did some candid shots with the speedlite just to give it an extra pop of light and contrast. I find that by using this modifier (the Rogue Flashbender 2 XL), I get a really nice bounce of light, without it being too strong. After all, I wanted to keep a nice daylight type look while still keeping some of the background.

As far as clothing and makeup went, we decided on a natural clean look for hair and makeup, and for clothing, we went with burgundy colors, jeans, and some layers. The purpose of this was not only to show some Fall inspired shoots, but to also show that, no matter what you are photographing, whether it is fashion editorial or a fun lifestyle shoot, you can always layer up/down and get different looks with just a few key pieces and accessories. If you struggle with this, feel free to take a look at my many Pinterest boards for some inspiration.


Take a look at this short but sweet behind the scenes video of my recent High School Senior Portrait Session in Downtown Raleigh, NC. and feel free to leave comments and or ask questions below!

In the spirit of helping others, I'm offering a special priced Mini-Portrait Sessions throughout this Fall. The mini session is only $150 and 100% of that will go straight to a non-profit organization that helps children waiting for families. For participating, you will receive a free custom mobile app that you can use to share with all your friends and family. There is no purchase necessary but if you do decide on purchasing a la carte products, 10% of that will also be donate to this amazing organization who has already done so much in so little time.

Senior Portrait Photography by Yesenia Bocanegra in Raleigh, NC