Summer Photography Workshops in Durham,NC


Summer is seriously just around the corner, the weather has been amazing and I´m just overall excited to greet the upcoming months!  After coming back from my last workshop in Puerto Rico, I felt that I wanted to do more of that. I very much enjoy teaching so why not keep doing it?

With that in mind, I´ve decided to create a series of semi-private photography workshops right here in Durham, NC. I´ve been photographing fashion and people for the past 4 years (I actually started photographing food) and I really love every second of it. I enjoy working with different people all the time, brainstorming new ideas and concepts and seeing them come true through a series of photographs. I want to share exactly all of that with you!

My brand new Lighting, Posing & Retouching Workshop is a semi-private 2 day intensive workshop, where you will learn different techniques to successfully produce and creatively direct a portrait or shoot. You will learn about lighting in the studio and on location using strobes, flash and natural light, all while learning how to direct your models and have beautiful images to add to your portrait and fashion photography portfolio. 

This workshop is designed for anyone who is interested in learning how to incorporate various elements from fashion photography into their portrait, wedding, boudoir and senior photography. The idea is for you to learn about posing, styling, lighting and directing. These simple but super powerful tools will help you bring the best in each of your photo shoots.

During the workshop you will have the opportunity to work with agency models and a professional hair and makeup artist. You will also have the chance to photograph multiple looks ranging from simple and clean to more edgy and dark, learn different lighting configurations using one or multiple lights, and practice tons of posing techniques.

Let´s not forget! You can use these photos for your own portfolio AND, join our private Facebook group where you can share and discuss your work with your fellow peers. (This is a great platform for constructive criticism). Not to mention, food and snacks will be provided! Both your tummy and your memory cards shall be full!

For more specifics on how we are organizing this workshop, take a look at what´s in the agenda.

Itinerary Day 1 : (8am to 5pm)
8am-9am  : Intro to Workshop and Lighting Demo
9am-12am : Studio Shoot

Lunch (Included)

1pm to 5pm
1pm-2pm :  Lighting Demo
3pm-5pm : Studio Shoot

Itinerary Day 2 : (8am to 5pm)
8am-9am  : Location Lighting Demo
9am-12am : Location Shoot 

Lunch (Included)

1pm to 5pm
1pm-4pm :  Post Processing and Workflow
4pm-5pm : Mood Board, Marketing, Publications, Q&A

What are you waiting for? Workshop is around the corner and spaces are limited.


I look forward to seeing you all!