Embracing Chance in Your Personal and Professional Life

“The wind always favors the traveler who knows his way” - Stuart Avery Gold

The past few days have been very life changing for me, both professionally and personally. "Coincidentally" two days ago, I came across an old photography essay I worked on while I was visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina. On a technical level, I think it´s a good start to a project but still needs more to work with. On a personal level, this project is very close to my heart as it represents the interlude to a new chapter in my life at the time. Photography is my passion, It is also my job. However, one of the cool things about it is that, I can find something personal within it, to be able to express myself. The images in that project are merely fractions of a second of a moment in time that is long gone and will never come back. The only thing that is left of them is precisely those instantaneous captures called "photographs". I don´t know exactly where I´m going with all of this but I simply felt like sharing. 

Life has many, many, many doors and paths that react pretty much the same way as a domino effect. One goes down, then the other and another one and you get the point. Since I decided to move out of Puerto Rico, I´ve come across people who represent triggers to some of my life´s changes. I like to think of these changes as all of them being positive as they´ve all led me to today. 

As I mentioned earlier, this week has been very life changing for me. Over the past 4 days I´ve been working at the women´s conference called Emerging Women NC in Raleigh, NC. This retreat business boot-camp gave me the opportunity to learn new tricks to embrace my change in my life and my business. I feel that with this experience, many, many doors have opened for me and that many more will continue to open and I am grateful for that. As part of the activities that we did at the event, we were asked to define what is to be successful. That´s a tricky question. Success can be defined in some many ways and with many different standards. I won´t share my answer to that, but I will wrap up this post with that as a question. What is success to you, and do you consider yourself successful? 

While you reflect on that, here are some of the images I took from my very special trip to Buenos Aires. I hope you enjoy them.

“When you travel, time takes a different dimension thus turning each moment into an unrepeatable experience.” 
-Henrietta Brown