Living a Healthy Life Style for a Purpose : #RaceForTheCure at the #KomenTri

Let me start by saying what an amazing morning it has been today! It's Saturday and I woke up at 6am! I woke up this early because I was participating in the Susan G. Komen #RaceForTheCure in Raleigh, NC. Early this year I had made having a healthier lifestyle one of my new year's resolution. So far I have lost half of my goal weight, and I have also become vegetarian. In April, I had the chance to photograph the #TarHeel10miler race and just seeing all that energy made me want to run a race myself! I had started running again mid to late March and found the #KomenTri race to be at a perfect time for me to start training for my first 5K. Well, I did it! I completed the race in 38:37ss. This might not be the best time but it is the best time for me so far! Anyways... I decided to run this race because two of my aunts have fought Breast Cancer and they certainly were warriors! I got a bit emotional driving back from the race by just thinking about it. I felt good because I did this for a cause, a cause not just for my own health but for the women who have/had fought this hard battle. This has given me a sense of personal satisfaction that simply triggers my will to keep on doing it!
This was so much fun and I can´t wait to do the next one!!!

If you want to learn more about today´s race, check out KomenNCTriangletotheCoast