Beauty Editorial with a Touch of Gold

A while back I started to brainstorm some ideas for a creative makeup beauty editorial. After researching on Pinterest, I then went to my local craft store to get inspired and suddenly the idea hit me! A few faux plants and some paint was just what I needed. 

For this editorial, I started with the idea of doing something with metallic colors, and after my mini shopping spree (about $75) I went for a concept inspired by King Midas. If you´re not familiar with his story, he´s the guy that could turn everything he touched into gold. We used neutral colors, for my model´s makeup, with a sheer finish to bring that "glow" effect. In addition to experimenting with props, I also played with a Lens Baby Composer Pro Sweet 50 lens on my Canon 5D Mark II and I was BLOWN AWAY with the beautiful an unique effect that this lens can produce. This lens gives you a soft focus around the point of focus in your image. It truly is a fun lens!