OFF Camera Flash Portrait Photography Workshop-   Raleigh, NC

OFF Camera Flash Portrait Photography Workshop- Raleigh, NC

OFF Camera Flash Portrait Photography Workshop

Saturday May 27, 2017

In this workshop you will learn various techniques to use off camera flash while on location. You will be practicing the use of flash while creating a variety of portraits. We will cover techniques of using flash on camera, off camera, bouncing light with reflectors, using gels with flash and creating dramatic portraits using high sync speed. This course is design for photographers who wish to learn about on location lighting. 

Investment: $175          


  • Various models
  • Various lighting demonstrations with off camera flash.
  • Light snacks included.

Itinerary ( This is not set in stone but just to give you an idea)
8am: Intro to workshop and light demo using flash on camera
9am :  Lighting demo using flash off camera
10am : Off Camera Flash and Gels
11am :  Creating dramatic portraits with high sync speed


Who can sign up for the workshop?
This workshop is designed for the anyone who is interested in learning how to incorporate various elements from fashion photography into their portrait, wedding, boudoir and senior photography. The idea is for you to learn a variety of lighting techniques that can help you improve your on location portrait photography. 

What level of experience do I need to participate in the workshop?
The workshop is open to photographers of all ages and levels. I just need your commitment, willingness to learn and have some basic knowledge of photography and use of artificial lighting. Understanding of camera basics is crucial as we will not be cover the basics of photography. If you are a natural light shoot, this course is great for you!

What equipment do I need to bring?
You must bring a D-SLR camera and one or more lenses with focal length between 50mm and 200mm. One Off-camera flash and modifiers (if you have them). A reflector. Don´t forget to bring extra memory cards and batteries. We will have a variety of speedlite accessories and reflectors that you will be able to play with but I encourage you to bring what you have as it is the gear that you most use.

Where will the workshop take place?
Workshop will take place at the J.C.Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh, NC.

Will there be any kind of food during the workshop?
Yes, we will provide light snacks to participants. It is very important to let us know of any special diet or possible allergies so we can make arrangements.

How much is the deposit for the workshop?
A deposit of 50% of the total cost to reserve your space is needed. It must be paid in full two weeks before the day of the workshop. Click here to reserve your spot!

What if I want to cancel my participation, is the deposit refundable?
The deposit is non-refundable. However, it can be used as credit toward another workshop, personalized mentoring session and/or photo shoot. You may also consider the option to sell your spot to a third party independently.

What happens if the workshop is canceled?
If we have to cancel a workshop for lack of quorum or bad weather, we will notify you as soon as possible and you will be refunded in full.

How many participants are accepted at the workshop?
The workshop will have a maximum of 8 students. This facilitates individual attention to each of the workshop participants and greater amount of time to photograph models.

What are the terms of use of the pictures we took at the workshop?
Images taken by the participants are for non-commercial use only. You are allowed to use the images for printed or web promotional material, (website and social media). For commercial use (print sales, exhibitions, etc.) please contact us to coordinate any documentation licenses. 

How I can receive additional information about this or other workshops?
The best way to keep up is to send an email to indicating your area of interest, follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our "newsletter".

What I can expect from the workshop?
When organizing my photography workshop, I take into account all aspects required for a successful photo shoot. In this intensive half-day workshop, I will present different techniques of creative lighting for you to use in a variety of portraits sessions like family portraits, fashion, seniors, or even weddings!

How I can register for the workshop?
Click here to register or contact us at (919) 998-6965 or email us at

-About Yesenia Bocanegra… Yesenia Bocanegra is a fashion and portrait photographer, videographer and educator. Her studies in Cinematography and Graphic Design have served as a tool to incorporate various disciplines within her fashion and portrait photography. Her work has been published in magazines in the United States, Puerto Rico and Europe. Some of her photographs were exhibited in San Francisco RAW 2012 and was awarded a 2nd place in the Puerto Rico Design Exchange 2011 in the category of Photography. She has a BA in Communications from the University of Puerto Rico, a Masters in Graphic Arts from Atlantic University College and an MFA from Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Yesenia lives and plays in the Raleigh-Durham, Chapel Hill Area in North Carolina and travels often.